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Tooth Brushing Chart - Free Printable

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Teaching your little ones good tooth brushing habits is so important! Use this tooth brushing chart to make toddlers get excited about brushing their teeth, or use it for older kids to help them keep track of their own tooth brushing.

This printable tooth brushing chart is FREE and uses little ink.

Graphic of tooth brushing chart printables

I wrote previously about our first visit to the dentist and how it went. If you read the article, you'll see how important it is to approach dental hygiene with little kids in a way that makes it fun and not scary for them. That's the foundation of good tooth brushing habits.

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Tooth brushing rewards chart 

So to make brushing you toddlers teeth less of a battle twice a day, use this printable tooth brushing chart! Let kids add a sticker or color in the chart every time they let you brush their teeth well! When the sheet is complete, they get a reward.

Here are a few different sticker options: puffy tooth stickers, multicolor tooth stickers on regular paper.

This 2-page chart has 2 pages: one for a week-long chart, and one for 4 weeks. You can choose the one you want to use based on how much encouragement your kids need and how many rewards you want to give.

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