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Your go-to guide for tips for overcoming picky eating in kids, kid-friendly recipes, and fun sensory activities.

Welcome to High Chair Chronicles!

Here you'll find tips for helping toddlers overcome picky eating, fun sensory activities, and toddler-friendly recipes even for the pickiest eaters!

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About Kate

Hey hey! I'm Kate, and I started this website when I was at my lowest point and feeling hopeless about my son's eating issues. Since then, we've overcome picky eating (mostly - he's still a toddler) and I want to share all my tips, resources, and advice with you. If this website helps even one or two families, then it is so worth it!

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Helping our kids with picky eating involves a mindset shift for us, parents. Here are a few articles that may help:

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Kid-friendly recipes

I realize that every baby and toddler is different when it comes to what they like to eat, but here are our favorite recipes that my son loved even at his pickiest phase!

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Sensory activities

Sensory activities are so important for babies and toddlers, and they've helped us so much with overcoming picky eating!

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Toddler fun

Let's take a moment to remember to have FUN with our little ones, so we don't project our worries onto them!

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