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Raddish Kids - Why We Love This Kids Cooking Subscription Box

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Raddish Kids is an awesome kids cooking subscription box, even for younger kids like toddlers and preschoolers. Deciding whether to give it a try or give Raddish Kids as a gift? Read this Raddish Kids Review! And get a discount on your subscription!

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This post is NOT sponsored by Raddish Kids, but contains affiliate links. See my disclosure.

If you're just here for the Raddish Kids discount code, here it is: Go to and use code BESTDEAL by to get ONE month off a 6 month subscription, or TWO months off  12 month subscription! To receive the first kit by Christmas, order by December 17 (for US delivery) or by December 5 (for ex-US).

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Table of contents

  1. What is Raddish Kids?
  2. What's in the box
  3. Who is Raddish Kids for?
  4. Raddish Kids (and subscription boxes) for picky eaters
  5. An awesome gift
  6. Raddish kids for siblings
  7. See more pictures of Raddish Kids in use
  8. Try Raddish Kids


What is Raddish Kids?

Raddish kids is a monthly subscription cooking box containing recipes, games, and activities just for kids. Each monthly box includes:

  • Shopping lists for each recipe
  • A kid-friendly cooking tool specifically for one of the recipes 
  • Cards with cooking tips to kids can learn
  • Patches to iron onto a kids apron - fun for kids to collect!

In addition to all this you get a free apron with a 6 month subscription. However, you can also order a single kit if you are not sure about a subscription.

The recipes are written and illustrated to make cooking fun. The activities and games switch up every month and are always related to the monthly recipes.

This is definitely a kit that we look forward to getting every month!

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What's in the box

Here is a picture of everything that came in one of our boxes:

showing all the things inside a Raddish Kids Box

As you can see, there are enough activities, games, and recipes to turn one box into several nights of fun for kids.

food related activity from Raddish Kids

Who is Raddish kids for?

The Raddish Kids FAQs says that their cooking kits are for ages 4-14, but we've been using it since our son is 3 and we love it.

Yes, he needs help with a lot of the tasks, but he is so proud of helping make dinner! He is able to understand some of the activities already, and he is actually trying new food he would normally refuse to try!

Kids cooking clubs are great for picky eaters AND kids who love to eat

It's a no-brainer that a subscription to a kids' cooking box, such as Raddish Kids, is an amazing gift for kids who love to help us cook.

But what about kids who are picky eaters? Will a subscription box help picky eaters learn to like food??

If you're new here, this blog is about helping my toddler overcome picky eating. I've written previously about the benefits of cooking with toddlers and little kids. One of those benefits is that cooking with kids and getting them excited to get involved in the kitchen.

A subscription box made specifically for kids is a GREAT way to get kids excited about helping in the kitchen.

Of course, you can try to get kids to help in other ways, but prepping dinner every day is definitely not as exciting as opening up a box made JUST for kids, with lots of fun activities, colorful printouts, and easy-to-follow instructions:

picture of recipe card from Raddish Kids

Considering how much time we stress and how much money we waste on uneaten food every month when our son refuses to eat the food I normally make, trying Raddish Kids (or any other kids cooking club subscription) is a no-brainer.

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An awesome gift 

If you're wondering whether to get Raddish Kids as a gift for your child or grandchild, or as a gift for a family friend, I would say YES! I highly recommend it. 

Not only is it fun for kids to receive mail every month, learn to cook, try new foods, and practice cooking skills, but this also makes a great activity to do with the family!

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Raddish Kids for siblings

Raddish Kids makes an even more amazing gift for siblings, because you can add on a sibling materials bundle or two (tools, patches) for just a few bucks and then BAM, you have a gifts for ALL the kids in the family for just a few more dollars. 

See more pictures of Raddish Kids in use

Here is our son trying to use the garlic press that came in this box. He LOVES garlic now and insists on adding it to everything when we cook! I bet it's because he got a chance to see it on the cute recipe cards. 

toddler using garlic press on a wooden cutting board

Here is our son pointing out the vegetables. He has always refused green beans, but actually gave them a try this time!! 

toddler pointing to ingredients from Raddish Kids recipe

And below is the chicken parm we cooked. He normally doesn't like saucy pasta, green herbs, or messy looking cheese, but he ate both the saucy pasta AND the cheesy chicken with bits of herbs on top, all because he helps me cook it and knew that this was "his chicken" and "his pasta."

chicken parm with spaghetti on a plate - made from a Raddish Kids recipe

I could not be more thankful!!

Try Raddish Kids

Give Raddish Kids a try!! I know your kids and your family will love it as much as we do!

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Know someone who is looking for gift ideas and might want to try Raddish Kids?? Share this with them using the share buttons at the bottom! And make sure to save this on Pinterest for later!

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