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Open Ended Toys for Two Year Olds

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I am so glad that the focus on open-ended toys is returning!

Our son has so many toys that light up and sing songs and are bright and flashy and entertaining. He loves them, and I do admit they’ve kept him busy from the time he learned to press a button until now when he is two.

But we are now intentionally finding open-ended toys for our boy because we want him to be exposed to toys that inspire creativity and spark imagination. We want less mindless button-pressing toys and more toys that require building, making stuff up, putting things together, taking things apart., and creating

So here is my list of what I think are the best open ended toys for two year olds. These are all toys that either we own, toys that are on our Christmas list, or toys that are going on our wish list for his birthday.

The Best Open Ended Toys for Two Year Olds

A list of open ended toys that are perfect for a two year old. They will last for many years and your child can grow into these for even more imaginative and creative play!

This list contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
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