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Kids learn through having fun. This is a collection of posts about fun activities with my son that help him learn, grow, and become a well adjusted kid.

  • sensory ice cream craft graphic
    Fun Sensory

    Ice Cream Activity for Toddlers

    I’ve got a super easy Ice Cream Activity for Toddlers that is perfect for summer. It’s an activity that you can do in 5 minutes with no almost no prep, and…

  • backyard mud kitchen play ideas graphic
    Fun Sensory

    30+ Mud Kitchen Play Ideas

    Backyard mud kitchens are the hot new play idea for toddlers this year! Mud kitchens can inspire lots of creativity, promote sensory play, and keep toddlers and kids busy outside so…

  • mud kitchen ideas graphic
    Fun Sensory

    Mud Kitchens for Toddlers

    Mud kitchens are the most popular additions to backyards everywhere recently! Here is some inspiration for the best mud kitchens for toddlers and preschool kids – from the simplest DIY mud…

  • free i spy printable graphic

    Free I Spy Printable

    This I Spy printable is one of my son’s FAVORITE activities that he loves to play with every day, so I wanted to share it with you. Tap the image below…

  • mommy and me coloring pages free printable graphic

    Mommy and Me Printable Coloring Pages

    Looking for a relaxing quiet time activity to do with your toddler? How about coloring? These free printables each have a coloring page for a toddler and for an adult! Lots…

  • water play for toddlers graphic
    Fun Learning Sensory

    Water Play Ideas for Toddlers

    Lots of water play ideas for toddlers! Everything from indoor water play, small space water play, outdoor water play for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus the best water play toy for every…

  • cleanup songs for toddlers graphic
    Fun Learning

    7 Cleanup Songs for Toddlers

    Try one of these fun cleanup songs for toddlers to get them to clean up. Sometimes a catchy song works better than asking nicely, yelling, or threatening that the roomba will…

  • educational tv shows for toddlers graphic
    Fun Learning

    12 Educational Shows for Toddlers

    Many families are keeping their toddlers home from day cares. We all have good intentions to avoid TV and only do educational activities with our toddlers during this time, let’s face…