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About High Chair Chronicles

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What is High Chair Chronicles all about?

High Chair Chronicles is a blog written by a mom of a toddler who's had eating issues from the time we introduced solid foods.  My hope is to help parents of toddlers overcome picky eating, sensory issues, and food aversion by sharing specific and practical tips that transform mealtimes from stressful experiences into enjoyable family meals.

This blog is not meant to be professional advice by any means. I am just learning as I go along. But I do hope that this blog will show other parents that they are not in this alone. That it does get better, slowly. I share what works best for our son, and I realize every kid is unique.

Why did you start High Chair Chronicles?

Honestly, I started High Chair Chronicles as sort of an emotional outlet because our son's eating issues were giving me so much anxiety. I was worried and had panic attacks. I dreaded mealtimes. I didn't know what to feed him and had no hope of it getting better.

Starting a blog seemed like a cheaper option compared to going to therapy, it was good for my sanity.

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So did things get better??

YES! Through lots of reading, patience, online classes that taught us how to approach feeding our son, feeding therapy, and lots of sensory play, our son's eating got SO MUCH BETTER. 

I'm not going to lie, it's a slow process. It takes months, sometimes years. There's a lot of "two steps forward, one step back." But if you are here, then you are obviously committed to helping your child get through this.

Here's a good place to get started.

Meet the family

high chair chronicles family photo

Elliot is our adorable, sweet, energetic, silly picky eater. Elliot was 17 months old when this blog was started.

Kate is Elliot's mama. She is also the blogger behind the recipe blog Babaganosh. You should really check out her recipes.

We are currently living on Grand Bahama Island because of my husband's job. Prior to this we were living in New Jersey.

Join the High Chair Chronicles community

I hope that stumbling upon this blog will help your family and reduce the stress and anxiety around your child's eating.

If you want to join the community, please like and follow the Facebook page and join the Facebook group where we can all support each other. You'll be surprised by how many parents are going through exact same issues that you are!

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Talk soon!


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