About High Chair Chronicles

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High Chair Chronicles is a personal blog about our son’s picky eating journey. It is an honest, raw account of our daily struggles and triumphs, sprinkled with a bit of humor.

This blog is not meant to be professional advice by any means. We are just learning as we go along. But we do hope that this blog will show other parents that they are not in this alone. That it does get better, slowly. And we will share what works best for our son, though we realize every kid is unique.

high chair chronicles family photo

Elliot is our adorable, sweet, energetic, silly picky eater. At the time of starting this blog, Elliot is almost 17 months.

Kate is Elliot’s mama. She is also the blogger behind the recipe blog Babaganosh and the (neglected) travel blog Nonstop from JFK. You should really check out her recipes and look at her travel pictures.

Aldo is Elliot’s papi (that’s Spanish for daddy). He is the blogger behind a personal finance blog Million Dollar Ninja where he talks about the steps he took to get out of debt and start working towards retiring early.

We are currently living on Grand Bahamas Island because of Aldo’s job. Prior to this we were living in New Jersey.

I hope that stumbling upon this blog will help you in one way or another. If you want to join the community, please like and follow the Facebook page, join the Facebook group where we can all support each other, follow me on Pinterest to discover some helpful picky eating resources, and follow me on Instagram to get a daily photo of our high chair chronicles.

Talk soon!


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