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10 Best High Chairs with Adjustable Footrests

A good high chair with an adjustable footrest is recommended by most feeding experts and occupational therapists. High chairs with proper foot rests help babies and toddlers sit correctly at the high chair and eat better. Here are the best high chairs with adjustable foot rests we found!

After realizing that our son had eating issues as a baby and toddler, we started searching for answers on the internet to see how we can help our toddler son learn to eat better. We found this Picky Eating workshop and course, which was a life-saver. After taking the course and reading more information online from baby feeding experts, I learned how important it is to have a good high chair for your baby that supports your baby properly and helps him or her be more comfortable. 

And as you can imagine, if someone is comfortable then they are more likely to sit longer and enjoy their food more! So it's no wonder our son was not eating that well when he couldn't even reach the foot rest in his high chair.

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High chairs with foot rests

One of the best ways to get children to stop wiggling and sit in the high chair is to make sure the high chair has proper support for their feet. And since babies and toddlers grow and change so rapidly, an adjustable-height foot rest is the best invention ever to make sure that your child continues to sit properly and comfortably in the high chair.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular high chairs that we see in stores and on Amazon do not have an adjustable foot rest! So I wanted to write about this to bring to your attention if you are looking for high chairs for a new baby, or trying to improve your child's eating.

So take a look at these high chairs with adjustable foot rests, and then keep reading below to learn more about proper high chair posture and more tips for getting babies and toddlers to eat well!

High Chairs with Adjustable Foot Rests

Proper high chair alignment and posture

Many brands of high chairs boast features such as reclining back and foot rests that can be extended for napping and resting. However, babies and toddlers should never eat in a reclining position. Not only is that a choking hazard, but it is also not very comfortable! Just look at adult dining chairs - there's a reason they are designed the way they are. 

Proper high chair posture means that your child should be sitting with all 90-degree angles. They should sit up straight so that there is a 90 degree angle between their upper thighs and their stomach: the weight of their torso and head should be directly above their hips/pelvis. And their feet should be resting on a foot rest so that there is a 90 degree bend in their knees. This way their feet are supported and children are comfortable in the high chair. Otherwise, their feet would be hanging if the foot rest is too low, or their knees would be bent too much and bunched up if the foot rest is too high. 

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More picky eating tips

If you came across this article because you're looking for ways to get your child to eat better, here are a few resources:

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