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Week 4 Sensory Activity - Shaving Cream Sensory Tray

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This week, get a plastic bin, tray, or large bowl and dispense some foamy shaving cream into it (an inexpensive one, such as this one, will do!). Add a few drops of food coloring (if you want, totally optional!) and let your child swirl it all around.


You can try hiding small plastic toys in the tray and have your child fish them out, you can give your child a spoon or measuring cups to scoop up the foam.

If your child is likely to taste the shaving cream before you have a chance to stop them, then use whipped cream or Cool-Whip instead.

Please note, both Cool-Whip and whipped cream contain milk, if that is an allergy issue. Cool-Whip contains a small amount of sodium caseinate from milk (which might be OK for some kids with a milk allergy), but whipped cream is straight-up a whipped dairy product.

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