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Help Support Your Immunity with Wellmune® Yeast Beta-Glucans

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This article is brought to you in partnership with Wellmune® through Kitchen PLAY.

It is more important than ever to support our immune systems.

We are doing all the typical things, such as making sure to get enough sleep, get some exercise daily, eat healthy and get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in our diet, and just trying to take good care of ourselves.

I hope you are too.

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In addition to all that, we all take a daily multivitamin and take a daily dose of yeast beta glucan.

This helps my family support our immune systems year-round, and during times of stress, travel, or when in contact with people who are sick.


What are yeast beta-glucans?

Beta glucans are fibers naturally found in foods we eat every day, such as mushrooms, oats, barley, and baker’s yeast. Each type of beta glucan has different health benefits.

Yeast beta glucans, which are derived from baker’s yeast, are the ones that specifically have immune health benefits.

Yeast beta glucans are well-researched for over a decade.

How do yeast beta-glucans work to support immunity?

Yeast beta glucans work by binding to specific receptors on the surfaces of immune cells. The immune system recognizes the yeast beta glucans as a foreign substance and gets the immune system ready to act in case any harmful substances - such as germs or bacteria - enter the body.

Yeast beta glucans do not overwhelm the immune system. Instead, they just get the immune system of already healthy people ready to quickly defend our bodies in case we come into contact with anything harmful.

Think of it like being prepared for emergencies in your house. If you prepared in advance, you’ll be able to act more quickly and rationally if something happens.

If you've been taking yeast beta glucans, your immune system is ready to act if needed and doesn’t need to scramble all over the house to find a flashlight.

Here is some more information about yeast beta glucans and Wellmune.

What is Wellmune?

Wellmune is a natural yeast beta glucan that is used by food, beverage, and supplement companies to create products with immune health benefits. Backed by clinical research, when taken daily, Wellmune is shown to help support the immune system.

Wellmune is available in hundreds of products around the world - including things like toddler formula, children’s gummies and chewable supplements, adult immunity supplements, protein powder, and even chocolate.

I guarantee you that you have already heard of several products that contain Wellmune yeast beta glucans.

Which products contain yeast beta-glucans?

Some products you may have heard of that contain Wellmune yeast beta-glucans are:

  • OLLY Kids Mighty Immunity
  • Emergen-C Immune Plus
  • Immune Health Basics

When you’re shopping for any immune-supporting products, make sure to check the packaging to see whether it contains Wellmune.

Look for this logo on the packaging and the ingredients when shopping for immune-supporting products:

wellmune logo

Click here to see some of the products that contain Wellmune.

How are yeast beta glucans derived?

Wellmune yeast beta glucans are extracted from baker’s yeast cell walls with a natural process that uses water-based washes. This process removes all the extra components from the yeast.

This makes the yeast beta glucans more bioavailable, which means that our bodies are able to get the benefits of yeast beta glucans, instead of them simply being passed through our digestive systems.

Are yeast beta glucans safe?

Yes, yeast beta glucans are very safe to take. They are naturally occurring compounds in foods we eat every day. Wellmune yeast beta glucans are extracted from yeast to make the body benefit from them more than if we were to simply eat breads or baked goods that contain yeast.

Wellmune is the yeast beta glucan that has been supported by the most clinical trials that demonstrate its safety and efficacy. (More on that later)

Are yeast beta glucans safe for children?

Yes! Yeast beta glucans are safe for children, otherwise I would not be writing about them here!

Yeast beta glucans are especially important for toddlers and children because we moms know there is nothing worse than our children being sick.

There have been clinical trials conducted with children aged 1-4 using yeast beta glucans. Wellmune is available in several children’s products - such as gummies and chewables, making it super easy to get my son to take his daily dose to keep his immune system healthy and ready to get to work as soon as it needs to.

Clinical trials have shown that children taking Wellmune reported fewer upper respiratory tract infection symptoms compared to children taking placebo and had fewer sick days in 12 weeks.

This is super important all year ‘round - whether we are staying home with our children, or if they are in daycare, preschool, or school.

This is why I give my toddler son a daily yeast beta glucan supplement that is the appropriate dose for his age. I do this in addition to his multivitamin.

Toddler-friendly products that contain Wellmune yeast beta glucans are:

  • Olly Kids Mighty Immunity gummy vitamin
  • Immune Health Basics Children’s chewable

You might want to choose the gummy or the chewable for your child, depending on their preferences. My son gets the gummy. 🙂

toddler taking a vitamin

Clinical trials with Wellmune

Wellmune conducted more than a dozen peer-reviewed published clinical trials using yeast beta glucans, each one ranging from 100 to hundreds of participants.

All these clinical trials are randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, which are the gold standard of clinical trials. They are the types of trials required by the FDA and other regulatory agencies around the world in order to approve a drug on the market.

Wellmune conducted studies to determine the correct serving size for all ages and to make sure there are no safety concerns. Wellmune is generally well tolerated and has no adverse side effects.

Learn more about the peer-reviewed published studies with Wellmune.

Is Wellmune gluten free?

Yes, Wellmune yeast beta glucans are gluten-free. At first glance it might sound like they contain gluten, because people associate yeast with baking and breads. But gluten comes from wheat, and yeast beta glucans is a complex carbohydrate that comes from yeast - two totally different things.

In addition to being gluten-free, Wellmune yeast beta glucans are Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic, non-GMO, and organic compliant.

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