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Week 38 Sensory Activity - Classic Sensory Bin

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Sensory bins are recommended as a sensory play activity by occupational therapists (and pretty much by all of Pinterest). So why not, let's do it too!

All a sensory bin is is a large plastic bin or tray filled with different textures. A lot of parents get way into it and do themed sensory bins or make different color sensory bins each time. And you are certainly welcome to get creative, I'd LOVE to see what you come up with!

But it can also be totally easy. The basic components of a sensory bin are:

  • Some kind of dried beans, rice, pasta, cereal, sprinkles, popcorn, skittles, or any combination of tiny things you can throw in there. Rice is the cheapest, but kind of a pain to clean up if it spills all over the floor
  • Some other small toys to "hide" in the dried beans/rice/pasta. This is mostly so your child is intrigued to keep playing in the bin longer. Make sure you pick toys that won't get ruined by getting stuff stuck in them
  • Throw in some small cut-out pictures, cinnamon sticks, plastic puzzle letters, pom poms, literally anything will work!
  • A scoop, measuring cup, plastic cup, spoon, or something else to scoop and mix the stuff in the sensory bin

So get a bin and get your kid playing with all these different textures!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #52weeksofsensory and tag @highchairchronicles if you post any pictures on social media!


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