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Week 33 Sensory Activity - Animal Bath Time

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Gather all your small, waterproof, plastic or rubber animals and toys and give them a soapy bath. You can do this in the bathtub or put the animals in a large storage bin, a large bowl, or in a water play table, if you have one.

If you are able to get outside for this activity, then have your child get the animals all muddy or dirty first as a bonus sensory activity and then actually wash them.

Make sure you use tear-free baby shampoo so that this activity doesn't end in tears. 

Give your kid some extra sensory materials (aka props) to help with animal bath time:

  • a sponge
  • an old toothbrush
  • a scrub brush (such as for the bathtub or for the kitchen)
  • a washcloth
  • a loofah

And don't forget to have a towel nearby!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #52weeksofsensory and tag @highchairchronicles if you post any pictures on social media!

Psst, if you happened to come across this page and are wondering what the heck this is all about: We are doing the 52 Weeks of Sensory challenge. Come join us!

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