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Week 24 Sensory Activity - Pasta Play

This week we have a totally different and much messier pasta play activity! Ask your child to mix a jar of pasta sauce with cooked pasta... using their hands! Or give them a spoon if they are hesitant to touch the sauce with their hands - they are bound to get messy anyway!

Just make sure that both the pasta and the sauce have cooled down (if you're using homemade sauce). 

If you clean your child's hands before this activity, this can even be part of dinner prep. 

You can try giving your child Alfredo sauce (if they don't have a dairy allergy!) instead of red pasta sauce if you don't want your whole kitchen stained red. 

I REALLY want to see how messy things get this week! Please take a photo and tag me on Instagram or Facebook (@highchairchronicles) along with the hashtag #52weeksofsensory

Psst, if you happened to come across this page and are wondering what the heck this is all about: We are doing the 52 Weeks of Sensory challenge. Come join us!

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