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Week 15 Sensory Activity - Make Pizza

Having your kids help you cook is one of the best ways to expose them to new foods, ingredients, and can also be a great sensory activity.

You can make the dough from scratch (here is a recipe for an easy homemade pizza dough), buy store-bought dough, or make this even easier by using naan bread or pizza as the dough. Here is a recipe for an easy naan pizza. Feel free to use any toppings you like!

Your kids can spread the pizza sauce on with a spoon or their hands, spread the cheese, and add whatever toppings they want to make a personalized pizza just for them!

Another option is to find a pizza place that lets kids make their own pizza. Leave all the mess at the restaurant! Here is a picture of our son making pizza in a restaurant:


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Psst, if you happened to come across this page and are wondering what the heck this is all about: We are doing the 52 Weeks of Sensory challenge. Come join us!


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