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Sequencing Puzzle Printable for Toddlers

Sequencing puzzles are great for teaching numbers to toddlers and keeping them busy. Here you'll find several different FREE sequencing puzzle printables for toddlers.

sequencing puzzle graphic

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Sequencing puzzles

Sequencing puzzles are GREAT low-cost ways to keep toddlers busy as well as teach them numbers.

All you need to do is download the PDF, choose which page(s) you want to print, then cut each paper along the dotted lines to make a "puzzle" for your child.

I have printable puzzles for every toddler no matter what they are into. There's an Under the Sea sequencing puzzle, a firetruck sequencing puzzle, a few animal sequencing puzzles, dinosaurs, puppies, and lots of other themes.

There are even a few in Spanish and a blank one that you can decorate on your own by drawing or adding stickers!

There are a few that use a lot of ink (if you print things at work or email things to your husband to print at work lol), and a few that use much less ink (if you print things at home).

Stock paper

Printing these puzzles on stock paper (if you have any!) is the best because the puzzles will last longer and will be easier for little hands to handle. You can get some here:
But regular printing paper will be just fine!

Glue it!

Another option, if you don't have stock paper to print on, is to print these no regular paper and then glue them onto a cereal box before cutting them up. This is what we do often!

If you do this, use a glue stick instead of white school glue - white glue causes the paper to pucker too much, but a glue stick will stick the paper right to the cereal box nice and smooth. Get your toddler to help you do this for a fun crafts activity together!

Clean up!

When it's time to clean up and put the puzzle pieces away, play one of these 7 cleanup songs for toddlers to help your kiddo clean up on his or her own!

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Download the printable PDF by clicking the image below and select which ones you want to print:

sequencing puzzle printable graphic

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