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3 Easy Newborn Baby Tips

In this nice and short post I share 3 ridiculously simple newborn baby tips to make your life easier. I call them my "double up" tips.

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Having a newborn is already difficult enough. Make your life easier with these 3 baby tips that I wish I knew as soon as my son was born. My son is now two years old and we are still using all three of these tips.

When my friends ask me for baby advice, I always mention these tips to them. I figure, they will get a ton of other advice from friends, family, and Pinterest, but most people forget to help out with these little details that make your day just a bit easier. And new moms need every little bit of that help.

1. Double up the diaper

When changing your baby, put a clean diaper underneath your baby's bum before you even attempt to take off the wet or dirty diaper.

This way, if you baby poops or pees while you are changing the diaper, it will go directly into the new diaper instead of on the changing pad.

I still do this with my 2 year old, just in case any poop balls falls out of his dirty diaper. (You'll see what I mean when your kid gets constipated!)

2. Double up the changing pad cover and liner

When setting up your changing pad, put a cover on it, then a waterproof liner, then another cover, and another waterproof liner.

This way, if the top liner gets wet or dirty you can just take it off and finish changing your baby instead of having to figure out how to handle a poopy undressed baby and a messy changing pad cover while you are sleep deprived, your baby is crying, and you are leaking milk from your boobies. (What, did you think having a baby was going to be all magical and beautiful?)

If the changing pad cover gets dirty too, just remove it and you have a whole other set of changing pad + waterproof liner underneath.

Shop for a changing pad, cover, and waterproof liner:


3. Double up the mattress protector and sheets

This is the most genius trick of all because it helps you out when you need it most - in the middle of the night.

Put a waterproof mattress protector over the crib mattress, then put on a sheet. Then add a mattress protector on top of the first sheet, covered with another sheet.

Now when your baby gets the sheets wet from a too-wet diaper or from throwing up the whole bottle of milk they just drank, you don't have to change the whole sheet set. This is especially helpful for wet sheets in the middle of the night. Just remove the top sheet and top mattress protector and put your baby back down to sleep after changing their diaper. Deal with the messy sheet in the morning.

If your baby still sleeps in a bassinet, you can do the same thing with a bassinet protector and bassinet sheets.

Shop for adorable crib and bassinet sheets and protectors:


Once your baby is 1 year or older, you can also try these super absorbent shorts to wear under their pajamas to prevent diaper leeks. We have a pair and we LOVE them. We use them when I dream feed my son (give him a bottle of milk in his sleep) to prevent him waking up in the middle of the night from wet sheets. Click to read all about it

The shorts are not as funny looking as they appear on Amazon. Here is my son wearing them and looking adorable:

image of happy toddler

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Do you have any super simple tips to share?? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.