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35+ Must Have Mud Kitchen Accessories

Whether you already have a mud kitchen in your backyard or looking into how to build a mud kitchen, you might be looking for fun ways to play with mud kitchens to get the most out of them for your child.

Here are 35+ Must Have Mud Kitchen Accessories to help your children play creatively, learn, and grow as they play with their mud kitchen.

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Mud kitchen benefits

As I wrote about in my Mud Kitchen Inspiration post, mud kitchens have so many benefits for kids.

Mud kitchens are amazing open ended toy setups that allow kids' creativity to grow as they figure out fun new ways to play with mud kitchen.

Toddlers can practice pretend play, improve their fine motor skills and gross motor skills, get great sensory exposure, learn to measure, count, pour, clean up after themselves, and so much more all thanks to this simple little setup in the backyard.

If you're looking for more ideas for how to play with mud kitchens, I have a list of 30+ ideas here: 30+ Mud Kitchen Play Ideas.

And no, mud kitchens don't have to be a huge building project. You can buy a really nice pre-made mud kitchen on Amazon, which is a great option if you don't have the tools or space or time to make one yourself. 

Mud kitchen accessories

Of course, to do a lot of these pretend activities you'll need a few mud kitchen accessories. Don't get overwhelmed by the list below! 

You don't need to bring out all 35 things at once. It's better to rotate through these, giving your child a few days or weeks to play with each type of mud kitchen toy until they get bored of it.

Most of these are mud kitchen accessories are things you already have around the house. You can definitely give your child old kitchen accessories.

But if you find that your child is loving your whisk and you have to keep cleaning it and getting all the mud out every day, it might be easier to just get a second one for your child and designate it for muddy play. 

Must have mud kitchen accessories for the best mud kitchen play

  1. Bowls
  2. Whisks
  3. Spoons
  4. Measuring cups (these colorful ones are cute for kids and really inexpensive)
  5. Cutting board
  6. Rolling pin
  7. Mortar and pestle (a light metal one, not a heavy ceramic or stone one!)
  8. Empty (or filled) spice jars (don't give your child spicy spices!)
  9. Fresh herbs - this is a great opportunity to teach your toddler about herbs and growing plants!
  10. Sponge and loofah
  11. Pots and pans
  12. Toy food
  13. Dust pan (for cleaning up!)
  14. Old towels
  15. Play dough
  16. Cookie cutters
  17. Paint brush or old tooth brush
  18. Finger paints
  19. Scrubbing brush
  20. Colanders (toddlers LOVE watching water pour through the holes!)
  21. Baking trays and muffin tins (freeze ice in them, or make mud muffins!)
  22. Sieves
  23. Muslin cloth or cheese cloth (squeeze muddy water through the holes!)
  24. Plastic bucket
  25. Tongs (my son loves pretending to be a crab with tongs!)
  26. Apron.... maybe. This is bound to get super messy and dirty, but cute to have if you think your kid would want one!
  27. Water beads (always under supervision! They are a choking hazard)
  28. Plastic food storage containers with lids
  29. Squeeze bottles
  30. Food coloring
  31. Sand
  32. Mud or dirt
  33. Dry food to play with, such as uncooked beans, rice, pasta
  34. Wooden sticks
  35. Real food - hearty root vegetables that can take a beating and can be played with for a few days in a row, such as raw potatoes or carrots
  36. Magnifying glass - always fun to see what you're playing with up close!

Looking for more fun toddler play ideas?

Do you have a mud kitchen? I would LOVE to see it! Take a picture and tag @highchairchronicles on Instagram or Facebook.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.