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Fun at Funlot - An Indoor Play Center in Bayonne, NJ

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A visit to Funlot in Bayonne, NJ - an awesome indoor play center for toddlers! Two hours flew by and our son had an amazing time - read all about it below.

This blog can't all be serious, right?? We have a lot of struggles with our picky eater toddler (read about our struggle with weight gain and our picky eating story), but we try not to let that define us.

Despite his eating troubles, Elliot is such an energetic, fun-loving, friendly, happy, active adorable little boy. Honestly, I don't know where he gets his energy from, considering how little he eats!

We are always looking for ways to tire him out, so when we were visiting family in Bayonne, NJ we knew we had to check out Funlot - a new indoor play center that opened up recently in Bayonne. (I actually wrote an article about Funlot and other indoor activities for kids in Bayonne for Positively Bayonne).

We couldn't wait to see how much fun Elliot would have at Funlot. You see, we currently live on Grand Bahama Island. It sounds fabulous - and it is absolutely wonderful - but there just aren't a lot of places for kids to play on the island. There are just a couple of playgrounds and they are in pretty sad shape. So going to Funlot was probably going to be the highlight of Elliot's life so far!

And boy oh boy did he have fun!!

We made sure to get to Funlot in the morning so that Elliot wouldn't be too cranky before his afternoon nap... and so that he would get nice and tired for his afternoon nap! We were only planning on staying for an hour, but two hours flew by so fast.

What we did at Funlot:

Funlot has many different themed play areas - there is something for everyone!

Elliot loved pushing the tiny carts around in the "grocery store" and rearranging all the pretend food.

He also loved the little roller coaster and the slide - he probably would have stayed on these two for the full two hours if we didn't make him go to the other play areas. He absolutely loves all kinds of rides, slides, and other thrilling activities.

There is a great construction play area in the back with life-size blocks made out of foam and a bunch of different tools for kids to play with.

There are two different ball pits - one for tiny kids and one for older toddlers. We almost lost Elliot in the large ball pit! Oops.

There are play areas where kids get to pretend to be veterinarians, farmers, and doctors. They can dress up as princesses and fairies.

They can pretend to do laundry. If only!

There is a school bus and a fire truck.

There are little cars kids can get into, and even a little playground.

All the different play areas have so many neat little surprises - everything was created with such great attention to detail to provide kids with the most fun experience.

The best part about this place is that we can go back over and over for several years and Elliot wouldn't get bored. When he was a year and a half he just loves sliding and running around and climbing on things. Now that he is almost two, he will love recognizing some of his favorite animals (moo! woof woof! meow!). As he gets a bit older and learns about fire trucks, school buses, construction tools, and grocery stores, he will love exploring all those areas too.

If you live near Bayonne, I highly recommend checking this place out. And if you don't, just Google "indoor kids activity center" or "indoor playground" and your town name to see if there is anything similar near you. It's a great place to take the kid to learn and to release some of that never ending energy. And hey, it beats buying all those toys to trip over at home!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.