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7 Cleanup Songs for Toddlers

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Try one of these fun cleanup songs for toddlers to get them to clean up. Sometimes a catchy song works better than asking nicely, yelling, or threatening that the roomba will eat all the toys (true story, we do that! Read about it here in my robot vacuum blog post).

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Here are our favorite clean up songs. I recommend not showing your kids the videos because they will be distracted by the videos. Instead, just play the sound and hide your phone. Or learn the song and sing it to your toddler a few times until they start singing along. 

I also recommend rotating through these songs so your kid doesn't get stuck on one song only. This is for your sanity, and also so your kids get to listen to a wider variety of songs and lyrics.

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 Cleanup songs for toddlers

1. Cleanup Song by the Kiboomers

This is our FAVORITE clean up song. It's super catchy and upbeat, which gets our kid excited to clean up.

Our almost-three year old son often asks for it and starts cleaning up on his own. It's like magic.The only downside is that it's only a minute long so we have to repeat MANY times while he cleans up his toys painstakingly slow, one by one. But it's OK, we'll take what we can get!

Watch it here: Cleanup Song by the Kiboomers

2. Cleanup Song by ELF Learning

This one is also super catchy and easy to learn. So catchy that it will get stuck in your head ALL day and you might hate me for it. Sorry about that. But if it gets your kid to clean up then it's worth it.

Watch it here: Cleanup Song by ELF Learning

3. Cleanup Song by Super Simple Songs

Another cleanup song... I mean, there's not much to say about these, right? Watch it here: Cleanup Song by Super Simple Songs.

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4. Cleaning is Fun by The Learning Station

This song has a cute "la la la la" refrain that might be catchy! Give it a listen here: Cleaning Up is Fun by the Learning Station.

5. Cleanup Song by the Singing Walrus

I like this one because it talks about cleaning up after playing, reading, eating, etc., so your child gets used to the idea of cleaning up after themselves all the time. Listen to it here: Cleanup Song by the Singing Walrus.

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6. Cleanup Song by Barney

This is a classic cleanup song, the only one I knew before becoming a parents. This is ONE HOUR of the cleanup song. so if that's not enough time for your kid to clean up everything, then nothing can help you, sorry. 

Watch it here: Cleanup Song by Barney.

7. Clean it Up by the Laurie Berkner Band

This clean up song is catch because you can clap along with it! Hey, whatever gets the job done.

Watch it here: Clean it Up by the Laurie Berkner Band.

Looking for more ways to keep toddlers busy?

Try some of these ideas:

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