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The Most Annoying Things to Say to a Mom of a Picky Eater

the most annoying things to say to a mom of a picky eater - graphic

From the moment you get pregnant you get bombarded with unsolicited advice and comments. What to do with your body, how you should eat, sleep, dress, how to exercise, what you should ask your doctor, etc. And it only gets worse after you actually have a baby.

I admit that most of the advice is really meant to be helpful, no matter how out of date, obvious, or ridiculous it is. But it is still unsolicited and usually doesn't help one bit.

As a mom of a picky eater toddler, here are some of the things I am tired of hearing:

"They'll grow out of it."

Maybe. But you're not the one dealing with 4 stressful meals per day every day.

"All kids go through a picky eating phase."

Sure, most kids do. But do all kids gag and throw up at the sight of food? Did your kid drop from the 50th percentile in weight to less than 1%?

"He needs to eat."

Well, no shit. What do you think I am trying to do over here? Or better yet...

"He's a boy, he needs to eat well to grow big and strong."

So wait, if I had a daughter then it would be OK if her meal consisted of 2 blueberries and 5 cheerios? Because boys need to grow big and strong and girls need to stay dainty and delicate?

"He needs to get hungry."

To be fair, this is true. But I've seen my kid roll around on the ground whining because he hasn't eaten in 7 hours, and he still gets upset at the sight of food and won't eat. So I'll figure out my son's eating schedule without your input, thankyouverymuch.

"Picky eating is the worst! My daughter only eats pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, pasta, muffins, cake, pancakes, rice, fruit, chicken, lettuce, cucumbers, and crackers. She won't eat quinoa or broccoli!"

*Rolls eyes.* 

OK OK, I'm sorry. This is a no-judgement blog. Everyone is in a different place in their picky eating journey. It's just like body image and self esteem. Even models find something wrong with their bodies that they would love to improve. I agree that it's frustrating that your kid doesn't eat what you want them to eat.

"Serve them the same foods you eat yourself, don't give them a choice."

OK, so you want my kid to not eat anything? Or do you want us to eat cheerios and French fries for dinner?

"Have you tried....?"

Whatever it may be, I either tried it, or I didn't try it because 1) I know my kid's texture preferences or 2) I am just too exhausted to try new foods this week. I just want to feed my kid with his preferred foods. We'll work on new foods next week.

If you're reading this and can totally relate, then you should definitely join the High Chair Chronicles Facebook Group for parents of picky eaters (link here). It's a place to ask for advice, share your best tips, or just commiserate. 

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